Here’s My Point

Columbus, Ohio has FINALLY decided to stick with sunny weather this week – PHEW! I felt like I was having a never-ending battle with my closet on what to wear. Luckily, spring has decided to stick around (for a few days at least) which has put me in the mood to wear bright colors, dresses and fun shoes!

My favorite part about spring is not just the warm weather, sunshine and blue skies but the transformation in my wardrobe! After practically living in black leggings, dark sweaters and boots for months, it is refreshing to bring out the pastels, dresses and OF COURSE, my shoes!

The pointed toe trend has made its way into every girls closet and you can never have too many – do not let anyone tell you otherwise! So here’s my POINT, shoes are one of the best accessories a girl can invest in and having a variety is ALWAYS a good thing!


First, you must get your basics – VERY IMPORTANT! Find the perfect black and brown flat that is comfortable and trendy! Once you have covered the basic flats, expand your closet with fun colors and prints! I am totally serious, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!


Your wardrobe is not complete without the perfect shoe. You must look good from head to TOE! That is why investing in different shapes and colors keeps your wardrobe bright and fun. Pointed toe flats have been the most popular shoe trend it my closet but they are all different! I have a lot of luck finding fun flats at Nordstrom, Aldo’s and Macy’s!






Shoes are a fun way of expressing yourself and your personal style. But what I love most about shoes is that they can give your wardrobe an entirely different look each time! I am a firm believer that shoes are one of the most versatile accessories and that is why you can never have enough!

Now that spring has arrived (finally!) – take the time to STEP up your shoe game and give your wardrobe a little extra flair! Life is too short, BUY THE SHOES 😉

XO Brooke



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