The inVESTment Your Wardrobe Needs!

Well the weather has changed in Columbus since my last post! It is now snowing here and it has been NONSTOP. I could definitely go for the 60 degree weather like last week!

This week I decided to write my first fashion focused blog and it is all about the inVESTment your wardrobe needs! Despite the cold weather this piece of clothing is great for quick errands or a GNO! Hopefully by now you have caught on to what I am talking about but just incase you haven’t here is your (obvious) clue:



Yes, VESTS! These guys have become one of my absolute FAVORITE items of clothing in my wardrobe as you can tell by my collection. What I love most about these is that they can keep your outfit simple or be the statement piece of your outfit, could it get any better? I don’t think so!

Because I love these statement pieces, I wanted to give you “Brooke’s Basics to your Wardrobe InVESTment”


Whoever said you could have too many shoes, too much clothing or too many vests is CRAZY. In my opinion, you can never have enough and I believe that is especially true for vests. Why? Because vests NEVER go out of style, they have been a fashion statement popular in everyone’s wardrobe year after year. Therefore, you must have a variety of colors, shapes, fur, no fur, etc. to make your wardrobe complete!

2. A Basic Vest is a NECESSITY. Period.


This little guy will be your go to clothing piece when it is not hot enough to go with out a second layer or cold enough for your puffy jacket. The signature puffy vest is a must to quickly grab when you are on the go! I cannot tell you how many times this vest has been there to keep me a little extra warm or how easy it was to take off and still look stylish with my outfit underneath. I suggest buying a black or navy one to start but if you love it as much as I know you will, then think about buying one with a pop of color. BUT FIRST, GET YOUR BASICS! I purchased this vest at J. Crew but other retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, or The North Face carry similar styles!

3. Fur or No Fur? Why not BOTH!

I believe it is very important to have both fur vests and vests that have fur accents. I think they add dimension to your wardrobe and no one will think you are always wearing the same vest over and over. I have a variety of complete fur vests and leather vests with fur accents. I wear each of them equally but always try to change-up what I wear underneath them, which is SO easy! Also, all of my vests are faux fur which makes them extremely affordable!




4. Keep it Simple or Dress it up! 

Like I said earlier, I love the versatility vests give you! They are perfect for on the go or for a fun night out. It is important to always dress appropriately underneath because you never know when it will get too hot to wear! I always love pairing my solid vests with a shirt with a fun print or a bright color. When I am wearing my fur vests that have fun prints, I tend to wear solid colors and something that is VERY light weight underneath. Fur vests can get hot quick when you are out and about, so you always want to give your body that extra breathing room so you are not uncomfortable. Even when I am on the go and grab my basic puffy vest, I still love to add that extra flair with a fun flannel and shoes!



I hope this encourages you to go inVEST in yourself and your wardrobe! Vests are versatile, trendy and pair well with so much! I recommend starting with the basics first then find those statement vests that will dress up a simple outfit. Below are some great links to a variety of puffy, faux fur, fur and leather vests to get you started!

Find some great deals here:



Forever 21

The North Face


Happy shopping, dolls!

XO Brooke






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