Winter Beauty Essentials

Happy Wednesday my friends! Today it is 61 degrees and SUNNY, talk about a brutal winter in Columbus, Ohio! It will probably be snowing tomorrow so I decided to give you my list of winter beauty essentials to prepare you for any weather!

I have definitely been late to the beauty train. I skipped the contouring era and stuck with my old fashion liquid foundation, bronzer and the occasional smokey eye. Cheers to all the girls who found the time to perfect their contour and add it in their daily routine, I commend you! Although I continued with my basic routine, I believe I have made a break through in the beauty world and have stepped up to take care of my skin. To live life fearlessly, I believe you have to carry the “look good, feel good, do good” mentality and as a woman it is necessary to feel comfortable in your own skin WITH or WITHOUT makeup!

I have never understood the hate that people have for women who wear makeup. Maybe there is a level of “too much” makeup and maybe that level is complete nonsense. Regardless of others opinions, the only opinion that truly matters is yours. Self confidence is what makes everyone the best version of themselves and if that includes a full face of makeup daily or none at all – then so be it!

With that said, I wanted to share with all of you the recent products I have come across (and absolutely LOVE) that will help make surviving the “brutal” winter weather or daily routine an absolute breeze!


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The Perfect Cleanser and Moisturizer

So I have always been a HUGE fan of Clinique products and have switched my foundation, concealer, lotion, etc. to Clinique. For someone like myself, who has dry and sensitive skin, Clinique is perfect! They have a ton of products that cater to ALL skin types and I have had the best luck managing my breakouts and keeping my skin clear.


I have used Clinique’s Acne Solution cleansing foam for a while now and still absolutely love it! Unlike other face cleansers, this one has yet to disappoint! Because I have dry and sensitive skin, this product is gentle but very effective. I highly recommend using this to wash your face at night so the product can work its magic while you sleep. To balance the acne solution ingredients in the foam cleanser, I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion during the day. This product is specifically for very dry to dry skin and works amazing. In my opinion the best part about this product is that it is extremely soft on your skin and feels like you have nothing on your face! Each of these products are available for purchase at Nordstrom, Macy’s and Sephora. If you are uneasy about buying the large bottles I suggest buying the Acne Solutions Starter Kit and the 1.7fl.oz moisturizer to get started!

Cleaning Done Right!


Once I took the time and money to invest in the proper face cleanser, I realized that washing my face with my hands was not going to cut it. That is when I found my magenta Foreo at Sephora and it has been one of my best investments! This little guy has 3 different zone brushes to make sure that all areas on your face are clean and sparkling! The greatest feature about this device is that it has body-safe silicone and does not need replacement brushes that can get expensive over time!

Although I took the plunge and paid a pretty penny for my Foreo, I have not regretted it! For those of you that are on a budget, do not worry! Along with my Foreo, I use my Lil’ Scrubbies in the shower to make sure my skin is always getting well cleaned! This product is fantastic for any skin type but the best part is the price! You can find Lil’ Scrubbies at your local Walmart and get a package of two for under $3.00! So for those of you looking to step up your facial cleansing routine, go to your local Walmart and look for these little guys in the beauty department!


Kiss My Face

Recently, I had a bad experience with the tanning bed because my skin and self tanners DO NOT work together. Instead of leaving the salon with bronzed skin, I left with pink and red skin (perfect for Valentine’s Day). I immediately needed a solution to relieve my now red and burning skin and came across Kiss My Face. I have to admit that the product’s name is what first captured my attention but I am SO glad it did! I found this bottle at my local Giant Eagle and it worked instantly! I worried that with my sensitive skin it would cause my face to dry up, break out or just react poorly – I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! I have used this product as my nightly moisturizer and it has kept my skin well moisturized and feeling great during this cold weather! Honestly, this would have been a great product when I was in college because walking from class to class in the cold is extremely brutal on your face. This is definitely perfect for anyone who had a bad experience at the tanning salon or looking for extra protection during the winter months!

The Makeup Tool You Will Not Regret


I am sure a lot of you have heard about or own a beautyblender – my favorite makeup tool I have EVER owned! I have used dozens of makeup brushes but have never owned something that works this great! With my dry skin, beautyblender does an amazing job at applying makeup and making my skin look perfectly smooth – even if I have some dry spots! They make several different beautyblenders for all your makeup products! I recently purchased my white beautyblender to apply my moisturizer to prevent using my hands and getting unwanted bacteria on my face and it is fantastic! You can buy these little guys at Macy’s, Sephora and even Amazon!

Cleaning Has Never Been This Easy


One of the big reasons I love beautyblender is how easy they are to clean! I have the liquid beautycleanser and beautycleanser solid to keep all my beautyblenders clean and long-lasting. I use my liquid cleanser at home to soak my blenders when I have tough stains and use my solid cleanser on the go! Both products are great and you do not need both! I have found both products at Macy’s and Amazon and suggest purchasing these items along with your beautyblenders to keep your blender long-lasting and stain free!

Instyle Magazine recently published an article with some great tips and tricks for using and taking care of your beautyblender. I highly recommend everyone who has one of these little guys reads this great article!


I can not express how much I have enjoyed these products, especially during the winter months! I have seen a huge difference in my skin and highly recommend each of these products and brands to everyone! If you wear a lot of makeup or very little, these products are still great to add to your daily routine! I hope that everyone has enjoyed my small beauty breakdown and invest more time in your skin and live fearlessly!

Lastly, I would like to give a special thank you to the Etsy Shop, jackandmolly for providing me with my fantastic new background for my blog!


XO Brooke



2 thoughts on “Winter Beauty Essentials

    • Yes! I think that is what makes beautyblender so great is that they make them for specific purposes! I use my red one for my daily foundation, white is made for moisturizers and serums, small green ones for contouring/highlighting and the black is meant for self tanners. I haven’t use my black one because I got it with my purchase of the beautycleanser solid but I am sure it will come in use one day! Thanks for reading!

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