Cute & Edible: MMELO Boutique Confections

Happy 2016 everyone! I know I am a little late to the party but I have worked on so many great things for this coming year! This year I did not make any resolutions like I have done so in the past. Instead, I decided that I was going to live by one word: fearless. I think it is time to stop worrying about what people think, embrace new change, grab hold to every new opportunity and live fearlessly.

I am still looking for my first big girl job and looking to move into my first “big girl apartment” in the next couple months. I am very excited for this next step in my life and cannot wait to keep everyone updated. In the mean time, I have been relentlessly applying to jobs, working on my fitness, shopping (of course) and trying new things!

Recently, I came across something new that I needed to try. As I was shopping at Easton Town Centre in Columbus, I came across this little pop-up boutique called MMELO. Now, you’re probably wondering why anyone would name a boutique MMELO but it is not just an ordinary boutique; it is a candy boutique! MMELO Boutique Confections offers beautifully made, organic artisanal confections for adults and kids alike! Yes, yes, yes…we are talking marshmmelos (as MMELO calls them), chocolate bars, beautiful tea cakes, hot cocoa and brittle.

So now that I have your attention, there is more to know about this incredible boutique! Not only does MMELO create amazing flavors but they have a strict “no junk” policy: nothing refined, no unhealthy fats – just whole foods meticulously chosen for their blessed contribution to making food taste good! How amazing is that? I had the pleasure to stop by their little pop-up store before they closed and picked up some Vanilla Chai and Bourbon (yes it has alcohol in it *gasps*) MMELOs. They were simply amazing! I enjoyed my Vanilla Chai MMELO in a nice cup of hot cocoa and snacked on my Bourbon MMELO with some salty snacks to balance the amazing flavor. I was very impressed with these cute and edible little treats and think that everyone needs to try them.

Although MMELO’s Pop-Up Store is now closed have NO FEAR! Not only can you shop online for these delicious treats but MMELO is working to open up their cafe-confectionary in Downtown Columbus. I am very excited to see this amazing candy boutique make its mark in Columbus, Ohio because I believe that our local community will enjoy these sweet little treats and welcome them with open arms…or should I say mouths?

To learn more about MMELO’s amazing and tasty creations please visit their website and give them a follow on Instagram to welcome them and show your love!

FullSizeRender 2

XO Brooke


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