What Inspires Me

Hard to believe that I’m sitting here again writing. I never seem to have time to do this. Honestly, I have a million things I should be doing, but I had another strong urge to write again.

This urge developed as I was browsing Pinterest. Probably one of my favorite pastimes. You see so many creative ideas! It makes me want to craft all day! Trust me during the summer I will be crafting. Anyways as I was browsing I came across a few pictures of celebrities. One in particular stuck out to me, Kate Middleton. So as I was looking at this stunning, simple, and extremely classy woman I found myself wishing I could be like her. I mean I don’t want to necessarily to be royal. It would be pretty awesome though for the entire world to wake up to witness your wedding and wear all those cool fancy hats and headpieces. She obviously does great things for others, she’s smart, caring, and absolutely gorgeous. But as I was looking at this photo and saw how stunning, simple, and extremely classy she looked, I wanted to be her. What I really mean is that when people look at me now or later down the road I want them to see those things in me as well, simply by just looking. Then I want to amaze and inspire them as I introduce myself and tell them my story.Kate

I guess the reason I felt the urge to write about this is because I never really talked about it. I am always told how my posts and the things I do in my life inspire others, but I really haven’t shared what inspires me. After reading this post it may seem like a lot of things inspire me, but maybe that’s why I am the way I am.

Obviously, my first inspiration will always be my mom. She’s the woman who carried me for nine months, the woman who raised me as a child, provided me with countless memories, and taught me how to show respect and be classy. I love her and look up too her. Although, our relationship had its ups and downs. Her strength, courage, and love she showed me has allowed me to get over that “teenage mom rivalry” and become closer than we have ever been before. I am thankful for all that she has taught me and I am blessed to have an amazing woman to look up too in my life.

As I “repinned” this gorgeous photo of Kate Middleton on Pinterest, I continued scrolling down and came across a photo of another beautiful and stunning woman, Lauren Conrad. Now some of you may be wondering why I am finding inspiration in women who were once reality television stars or royalty. They are two different women, but in my eyes they both have characteristics I see in myself or want to see in myself some day. I started watching Lauren Conrad and her life when Laguna Beach started. I would still argue that is one of the best television shows in history! Anyways you watched what a typical girl went through in high school; drama, heartbreak, parties, laughter, and everything else you can imagine. Through it all she always seemed to stay true to herself and her values. Now today she has become a young and successful woman living what seems like an incredible life full of love, success, and happiness. That’s what I want out of life. I want to find happiness in my career, in my friendships, in the person I intend to spend the rest of my life with, but most importantly with myself. For some reason I see that in LC. Who knows maybe it’s all covered up by the paparazzi, but I am going to be optimistic and believe that’s truly how her life is. She obviously goes through all the drama and hardships life throws at you, but I still admire her and the life she has made for herself.


Despite finding inspiration in these famous women, I do find inspiration in others that I know (besides my mom). This inspiration comes from people who are typically younger and shorter than myself (who knew that was even possible). These little ones I speak of are typically fighting against something tougher than I could ever imagine and that is cancer. I’ve talked in many posts about all these children I have met who are fighting cancer and how they have inspired me to do great things in my life. I am happy to say they honestly have changed my life and continue too. I believe in finding those who are older than you to find inspiration, but I would say I am a bigger believer in finding inspiration in those who are younger than you as well. Out of all of those who I look up to the most in my life I would have to say these kids are my biggest inspiration. They have inspired me to never give up despite how hard life may get. They have inspired me too love with all my heart. Most importantly they have inspired me to continue to smile and help those who need it most. They are my heroes.

IMG_2005 IMG_2008

I find inspiration in the big and small things in life. I believe constantly reminding yourself what you are capable of is important and constantly reminding yourself of the endless opportunities life has is extremely important as well. Everyone’s inspiration comes from a different places, people, and things. Whatever it is though I urge everyone to find what inspires them and strive to live up to those standards and expectations. It can be one the biggest accomplishments in a person’s life. It is one thing too be inspired, but another thing to inspire others. So go do it.


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