New Year

It is 6:19AM and here I am thinking about the past year. What I have accomplished, what I have failed at, what has changed; the good and bad. I did not really get an opportunity to think a lot about it considering I worked all night. But here I am, sitting in bed reminiscing  on the past year. I should probably be sleeping, but my mind seems to want to stay awake.

I have not written since October. Which in my opinion is a failure on my part to find an external way to release positive and negative energy. I wouldn’t say 2012 was my best year. Actually I never would say its even close to it. It was a good year. I went through a lot and here I am breathing and living in a world full of opportunity. What more could I ask for, right?  A lot easier said than done. I would maybe word my thoughts a bit differently if it were December 31st, but since it’s January 1st, 2013 I think it I need to change my perspective.

Although I had a lot of great moments and bad moments, I learned a lot. I think I have learned a lot more in the last few days than expected, but things happen. It’s life. I guess the biggest lesson I learned is to walk away. When I use the term “walk away,” I don’t mean give up. I simply mean to take the time and analyze the situation. Really think it all through. Think about what is best for YOU. If it’s not in your best interest, then walk away. Don’t look back and move on in life and do what it takes to make it better in every way, shape, and form. Trust me, it’s sounds a lot easier than it is. At the end of every day you should be living your life for YOU. Not for someone else, a friend, a relative, a parent, or even a significant other. Just you. It’s easy to get caught up in making others happy and sometimes it gets to the point that you’re sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of others. Make others happy, but do not sacrifice your own happiness. You get hurt that way. I learned that people are not always who you think they are. Things and people change in a matter of seconds and they can potentially be manipulative about who they are and how they feel. There is no way of controlling it. You only have control over how you react to those who let you down. It’s not easy either. Being hurt by someone you trusted, loved, or cared about is difficult, but sometimes for the best. Often times it teaches you some of the most valuable life lessons.

This past year I have been hurt, happy, sad, disappointed, frustrated, and any other adjective that can describe a human’s feelings. Everyone has experienced that in the past year. Although it has not always  been like that. I must say I learned a lot about life and a lot about people. I guess the most important lesson I have come to recognize is that life is what you make of it. Never surround yourself with people who are not willing to show you the same amount of respect you would show them. Let them make a fool of them self while you walk away with your head held high and never look back. Be your best version of yourself at all times, even in tough situations. Prove to others that their actions will not control your actions and future decisions. Believe in yourself. Always have faith that you have the capability of reaching beyond the stars. Don’t hold grudges. This one is tough, especially when you feel hurt or betrayed by someone. Holding grudges does nobody any good. It fogs your mind with frustration and hurt that continues to manifests until a breaking point. Let go. Let life work itself out while focusing on your goals, dreams, and desires.

Do not let anyone hold you back for any reason. Find happiness within yourself and then share it with others. Life is beautiful. Spread the love. Walk away when necessary. But always stay true to who you are.

That’s what 2013 is going to be about, finding my happiness in every way possible and in every aspect of life. Happy New Year everyone.


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