I’m at a point in my life where I need some new adventure, new responsibility, new experience. My impatience is slowly getting to me as I count down the months until I travel to Costa Rica to volunteer at a sea turtle conservation. So as I try to keep my patience under control I have had this overwhelming want to refresh my life with new responsibility and adventure. I feel that I am in a point in my life where I need to find myself and share my talents. I know it’s hard to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life after college, but why not start looking now? For the longest time I thought I knew what I wanted to do, then I would change my mind and go through the same process all over again. It’s normal, but I want to start opening myself to new opportunities where I can best exercise my talents and see where life takes me. So as I was thinking what I could do, opportunities fell right in my lap!

So the beautiful collage picture featured is of a wedding I had the privilege of helping set up for this past Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous as you can see, but I really enjoyed helping. The thought has always crossed my mind about becoming a wedding planner, but never really pursued the idea. My mom dreams of planning weddings and she would be the perfect woman to do it! When I told her the opportunity I had to help set up and a possible internship she was thrilled and  a bit jealous. I told her if I absolutely fell in love with the job and decided that I wanted to plan weddings for a living then her and I would start our own business after I graduated. She laughed a bit, but I was pretty serious. Why wouldn’t I start a business with my mom if I absolutely fell in love with planning weddings? I would have my mom/best friend as a dependable coworker who I know will get things done right. I mean I had to get my A-type personality and organizational skills from one of my parents, right? Definitely was not my dad! So I definitely meant what I said, but who knows where life will take me!

I think planning weddings would probably be one of the most stressful jobs, but one of the most rewarding jobs. For any girl who wants to get married, they know that the day they get married will be one of the happiest days of their life. So when you plan weddings you get to take part in the entire process and what could be more rewarding than a happy couple in awe of your hard work? I mean after everything came together Saturday I was in absolute awe of how beautiful everything looked. I enjoyed every moment of helping out that day! Not only was I memorized by the beauty that surrounded me, but I started thinking of so many great ideas for my wedding! I think it was a win-win situation! I am excited to see if there is a bigger opportunity that awaits me!

So after the excitement of getting a behind the scenes look of preparing for a wedding my wish for new opportunity and excitement was well satisfied. Then surprisingly today I received a text from Ohio State’s Wrestling Coach, Tom Ryan. He wanted to meet with me about an opportunity. So without having a single inclination of what he wanted to speak with me about I agreed to meet with him today along with our director. When I met with they, they generously offered me to become in charge of our monthly newsletter that is sent out to about 9,000 people monthly. With my passion for writing and organizing I thought it would be a great opportunity and resume builder! I never thought in a million years that I would be receiving so many great opportunities from The Ohio State Wrestling Team, but here I am and opportunity continues to knock. I have been so blessed to be asked to undertake an important task for the team. I get to use my writing and organizational skills to make sure we send out a great monthly newsletter! Some many do not understand how great of an opportunity they presented me with, but I am feeling extremely blessed and fortunate now. I can only find it in myself to work hard and to exceed expectations.

It’s funny that when my patience was getting the best of me so many opportunities seem to appear in front of me. I have always been taught that patience is a virtue, but I have not always had a lot. As I have grown older I have become a more patient person. I have learned the importance to relax and live life. Things always work out for the best, even if it takes a little time. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate for the continual opportunities that I am presented with and only hope to exceed expectations and make others and myself proud.


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