Autumn Leaves

Earlier I was looking outside and admiring all the beauty of autumn, especially all the colorful leaves on the trees. As I sit there soaked into the beauty outside I began to think about how fascinating it is that leaves change colors during this time of year. No leaf is the same shade of yellow, red, orange, or brown nor are they the same shape or size. Everyone seems to find beauty in nature around this time of year, but if you think about it in a different way, we’re surrounded with the same type of beauty every day. We can think of each beautiful leaf as a person in our life. None of them are the same color, same size, same shape, and none have the same personality. If we all just took the time to sit and admire the beauty that surrounds us like we can often times find ourselves doing in autumn, then life could be just as beautiful every day.

Just like the leaves change color over time, people do as well. Sometimes they change for the good and other times not. Change is part of life. Over the years I have come to realize that no one in your life is constant, besides your parents and family. They will always be there, no matter what. Today’s featured image is a photo I took on October 14th, 2012 at my favorite pumpkin patch. On the Sunday my parents told me they had a surprise for me. So I put aside homework and drove back to my parents to see where we were going and what we were doing. I had no idea, I just got in the car and enjoyed the car ride. It took me a few miles to even try to guess where we were going, but when I saw a large field of pumpkins in the distance I knew exactly where we were going; Pigeon Roost Farm.

Pigeon Roost Farm is a place full of memorable experiences from my childhood. It was always the pumpkin patch that we would go to on field trips and the pumpkin patch my parents always took me too. It was one of my favorite places growing up. I can remember the dairy cow named Oreo, the goats, sheep, and turkeys that resided there. I remember all the pumpkins in the field and how I would take hours to pick the perfect pumpkin. Driving up to the farm definitely brought tears to my eyes. I was so grateful for such a wonderful surprise. I was able to spend the day picking out pumpkins with my amazing parents, just like we did when I was a kid. You can never be too old for the pumpkin patch with your parents. All I wanted to do that Sunday was stay at the pumpkin patch with my parents. It reminded that my parents had given me a great childhood and an even better adulthood. Regardless of how much my life has changed over the years I can always count on my parents to constantly be my strength, my courage, and my hope through the good days and the bad days. When everything and everyone else seems to change I can always count on my parents to be there for me.

Change is inevitable in life. People will always change, but we have to move on from them. We can not let others hold us back in life because we have to remember that we are changing as time goes on. And although we may find ourselves more worried about those who have changed, sometimes we just need to focus more on those who will always be there. People will come and go just like the autumn leaves will fall from the trees each year, but life continues to go on.

xoxo Brooke


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