Finding A Balance

To start….I can not believe that the last time I posted was SEPTEMBER 19. I am definitely slacking on what I set out to carry out, but I guess that is what happens when school, work, and life catches up to you.

Although I have not been writing as much as I originally set out to do I have added other activities to my agenda that I believe is helping balance my life. As a college student things get chaotic, REALLY QUICK. With exams, projects, homework, papers, and a million other things; stress is almost inevitable. Some people may already know that I sometimes get stressed easily. Maybe because I have high goals and expectations for myself or because I have a rigorous class schedule or maybe because I am a perfectionist about EVERYTHING or a combination, it’s hard to tell. People always tell me to not stress so much, but sometimes it’s not as easy as one may think. As a second year student I am beginning to realize that I have three and a half more years of this whole college thing (because I have decided to stay a fifth year). As I begin to understand this more and more, I am also starting to realize that I need to find a balance to end stress or negative energy, but instead fill it with success, inspiration, and excitement.

I use writing as a stress relief as well as a way to share stories, thoughts, moments, and memories. I believe that taking the time to write helps me to clear my mind. As I stated in one of my earlier posts, I wanted to include writing into my daily schedule, but it has been obvious that my schedule is a bit chaotic. Although my schedule is chaotic, I do enjoy being busy. Including many things in my schedule helps me keep a certain focus that I often times lose when I have too much free time. Some people think I’m crazy but I always have a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I am constantly doing something for the benefit of myself or for others. As I have thought about finding ways to balance all aspects of my life, I have began to embark on new journeys and adventures!

To start, I have decided to satisfy my wanderlust in a small degree by applying to volunteer in Costa Rica for two weeks during the summer of 2013 at a Sea Turtle Conservation. I applied spontaneously, whether I would be accepted or not or how I would fund the trip if I earned acceptance. Like I said, it was a spontaneous decision that I made just to see where it would take me. Luckily a few days later I received my acceptance email, easy as that! Once I received my acceptance to volunteer I decided that I wanted to go, no matter what. I saw this as an opportunity that I could not pass up and that it was another door opening in my life. It was the precise opportunity I needed to get me back out in the world dedicating my time to help others. The great part about this new adventure is that it allows me to volunteer for the benefit of animals. I have always been an animal lover and when I was a child I always wanted to grow up and become a vet. My wish to help others eventually shifted from animals to helping children, but who says I can’t fill my life with both!? So there I was reading an acceptance email to volunteer in Costa Rica and the absolute determination to go. After talking with my parents about the opportunity I had in front of me I decided to pay my registration fee and make a plan of action to fund the rest of the trip. I have yet to figure it all out  but all I know is that I am going to Costa Rica and I could not be more excited!

After making the big decision to go to Costa Rica for volunteer work I thought it would be  a good idea to find other things to supplement my life on a smaller level. I began practicing yoga a couple of weeks ago. I have it every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15 AM! It is extremely early, but I have found it as a great way to start my mornings! I decided that being physically healthy would help me do better in the other aspects of my life. When you look good, you feel good, you do good. The meditation and calm feeling I get when I practice yoga is comforting and allows me to find an inner peace within myself that is sometimes hard to find when things get chaotic. Along with practicing yoga I have began working out five days a week! I have been extremely proud of myself because I have not missed a daily workout since I made the commitment to myself. Since I started working out I feel much more healthy and energized (sometimes).  Next on my agenda is to start eating healthier and a more balanced diet. I’ll continue taking one step at a time, but eventually I will get my health back on track on all levels. Eventually I intend to compete in a women’s physique contest, but that will happen when I find time and continue to follow my routine!

Although I seem to pack my days and have a pretty structured schedule I am working on living life a little more freely. With each day I want to start it with an open heart and mind. Rather than expecting the worst, expect the best. Regardless how I may think the day is going to turn out, I want to have a positive attitude. Everyone likes the idea that “everything happens for a reason” and maybe it’s true. I can’t control everything that happens, but I can control my mood and my perspective. Life will continually throw me curves and I want to be able to walk away from every situation, good or bad, with positivity and my head held high. Finding a balance in my life mentally, physically, and emotionally will only make me stronger. Embracing life for every thing it’s worth will free my mind and spirit. All I wish is to live a life full of beautiful things, beautiful people, and moments that will last a life time. I will continue to find ways to help me grow as a person, add adventures to my bucket list, but more importantly live a balanced life full of experience.

xoxo Brooke


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