goals and dreams

Everyone tends to have goals and things they want to carry out at some point in their life. I am one of those people. I have many goals for many things. Some are going harder to do than others, but I just have to consistently tell myself “I can.” I am blessed with many opportunities and I want to make sure to not take them for granted. For one, school is of utmost importance in my life. I have always worked hard in school and I plan to continue too. As of now I intend on majoring in Public Affairs and Marketing with a Non-Profit Management Specialization. I will officially be declaring my Marketing double major tomorrow morning and will begin thinking about my plans! I already intend on attending college for 5 years, so I’ll be here awhile. I have the goal to get on the Dean’s List once again this semester, but I want to get 3.8 GPA. My classes are pretty difficult so it’ll just take a little extra hard work and dedication to reach that goal, but I believe I am capable of doing it.

Next on the agenda of goals is to continue working hard and dedicating my time to the Ohio State Wrestling Team. My goal is for the 2013-2014 season that I will be the head team manager. As of now my job description is the “Marketing person” which is fitting due to my new major and previous experience in other jobs. It is definitely a great opportunity that I have been given and I enjoy it very much. Not only do I love the sport itself, but I love the team and the coaches. They have all welcomed me with open arms and I have made some great friends as well. To continue being a part of the team would be an honor and a great experience. As the year progresses and the season starts I will continue working hard and doing whatever I can to help benefit the team!

I am trying to fill my schedule with other extracurriculars and things around campus. I am focusing on get back into great shape and eating health. Physical health is important and will help benefit me in school, work, and activities. Along with taking care of my physical health I intend to get more involved around my school. I just recently became the Ohio State University Chipotle Brand Manager. I am pretty excited about this opportunity because I have been given the opportunity to reach out to other student groups around campus and represent Chipotle’s brand. It’s also a paid job position as well which is beneficial for my bills. I guess I could say that is my first step to getting involved. Next I think this coming winter I am rushing into a sorority! I will go through the entire process to see what it’s all about and depending on how it goes will decide! Hopefully I can find my way in a student organization or a possible internship. I want to get myself in a set schedule to keep myself focused and busy, but I also want to have fun and enjoy life. Surrounding myself with positive people and positive things will also help keep me on track. I have high expectations for myself and the people I surround myself with. I believe that when you surround yourself with supportive family, friends, and role models they act as a heavy influence and grass roots in your life.

So far school is going great! I am having a lot of fun at Saturday football games. Hence why I made this post’s picture of my roommate Kaitlyn and I from this past Saturday’s game! The Big 10 games will be more fun and exciting, but so far I am enjoying myself! The college experience is definitely what you make it. You are the one that determines how enjoyable or how miserable your college experience is. Obviously there will be life experiences that you cannot control, but you decide how you handle them. Every day I am learning something new about other people and myself. There are very few people in this world that you can depend on, but you must always believe and depend on yourself first. When you believe in yourself and have the strength to continue the obstacles of life, then you can conquer anything! It is time to create myself exactly who I want to be in life. There is no time to dilly dally around and watch life pass you by. You must live life and set clear goals and dreams for yourself. When you have goals, dreams, and the motivation to accomplish them then you have everything it takes to live life to the fullest and become successful. I truly believe that. When you set out your destination and chase after it, everything else will fall into place.

xoxo Brooke


One thought on “goals and dreams

  1. Hey, Brooke! Thanks for following my blog. It seems like you’ve got a really good thing going and are a well rounded person. My only advice is to not get caught up in appearances. For the longest time, I found worth in my checklist of accomplishments (i.e. 3.9 GPA, Psi Chi president, graduating at 20, etc.) and would find validation in said accomplishments. It’s been so freeing to realize that, whether I have these things or not, my self-worth does not change!

    Keep up the great work!


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