be your own anchor.

Lately I am starting to realize how big of a roller coaster that life is. Each day is a new day, a new challenge, another chance to make the day better than yesterday. That’s exactly my goal from now on. To make each new day better than the one before. Life is too short to continually walk through the motions of life. It’s not always easy, but isn’t that how you learn and grow as a person? I like to think so.  Some days will be harder than others, but challenging myself will help me grow as a person. The game of life isn’t suppose easy. It’s suppose to be filled with fun times, great people, and amazing opportunities.

Moving out on my own has taught me a lot of things and has educated me more on the things I already knew. I am grateful for the opportunity to live on my own, but I do miss my parents….and my animals. I guess that’s the life of a crazy cat lady and crazy dog lady. You never realize the amount of responsibility you have when owning/renting a house or apartment. You have to learn to take responsibility to pay the bills, buy the groceries, clean, and so much more. My parents did a great job teaching me to be responsible for such things my entire life. I am proud to say I pay for every bill, every tank of gas, and every grocery that is in my house. It’s hard and stressful, but I am very proud to say that I can sustain a life of my own as a college student. I have my parents to thank for teaching me how to be responsible and manage money. Granted I do want to go shopping at times, but I always am sure to budget out my spending. Besides just moving out, living with others has taught me a lot. I was pretty nervous moving in with other people because I’ve always lived with my parents only. It’s not the easiest thing to learn and adapt to different lifestyles when you are so used to your lifestyle. It’s a learning experience, but I am adapting well while still maintaining my lifestyle. We’re all learning to live together while still being ourselves! We’ve also done a great job at cooking at home and saving money! GO US! Eventually everything will come together and I’ll get in a routine.

I miss home a lot more than I thought I would. Seeing my parents and animals every day brought me more comfort than I realized. Not seeing my mom every day is difficult too. I did not realize how much I depend on her to talk too about my day, good or bad. She is a really amazing person. She’s taught me a lot through the years. She’s simply the best. We didn’t always get along so well, we fought over stupid things like most mothers and daughters. I realize now that maybe all those fights and stupid things helped us grow together. It helped us, me especially, to understand that she has the best interest for my life and that we always need to be there for each other. I know I can always count on my mom to be there for me, regardless if I don’t live at home anymore. It was hard for her when I moved out because I’m her only one, but I think it was harder for me when I moved out. I have my mom to thank for teaching me to be a strong person and to be my own anchor. She’s my best friend. She’s taught me a lot of what I know and I believe in. I have the responsibility to make my life one step better. To do that I need to make each day better than the one before. I want a life that I enjoy and I am proud of, but more importantly I want a life that will make my mom and dad proud.

xoxo Brooke


One thought on “be your own anchor.

  1. I usually don’t read blogs, but i’m at work so…but it was a good read, this year I undertook similar changes in my life and in this blog I can see your maturity and personal growth. Congrats i’m sure your family is proud.

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