Life can get a little crazy

My mind was definitely not ready to get back into school just yet! Moving and school has kept me pretty occupied over the last couple of weeks, hence why I have not been able to sit down and to write. Life can get a little crazy really quick, but it’s all about the experience!

Moving out and into my apartment has been a big change for me in my life, but so far I’m having a blast! The picture you clicked to read this post is a photo of myself and two of my roommates. The blonde on the left is Madie and Kaitlyn is in the middle. I have another picture of my other roommate and Kaitlyn which I will include in this post. So far we’ve conquered cooking dinner, working out, and killing bugs in the basement (which was definitely an experience, one I will not forget). What I love is that all of us are different, but yet we find similarities between us that have helped us grow a special bond. I was hesitant about moving considering I’ve always just lived with  my wonderful parents, but I really enjoy it! I have many great things to look forward too in my future and I plan to embrace every moment.

As I said before, my mind was not ready for school! Summer went way too fast! Thank goodness I love school though because I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. I love main campus and how big it is, but I probably will change my mind come winter time. I did endure my first rainy day, but it was not extreme at all so we’ll see how I do when it’s pouring. So far I enjoy all my classes considering how difficult my schedule is, but hard work will pay off! I have to admit that I miss my parents and my animals, but I’ll eventually adjust to all the change!

Currently I am sitting at Starbucks writing as I wait for my next class. I decided it was a top priority to sit and write about what’s going on in my life. It’s a goal I set out for myself and I need to commit. I will eventually get in a habit as I get my life back on a schedule. Anyways besides just going to class, studying, and working I have become the new OSU Chipotle Brand Manager! It looks good on my résumé since I am now a marketing major as well and I get paid each semester! Win, win situation if you ask me! Also wrestling season is just around the corner and I could not be more excited. I am very content knowing I have a busy schedule but I have high hopes for a great and successful year.

Football season starts THIS SATURDAY! Words cannot describe how I excited I am to spend football Saturdays with my roommates and cheer on my Buckeyes! Once football season begins I think I’ll have an easier time accepting the fact that we are back in school. Hopefully this will be helpful for me!

As life can get a little crazy I need to keep in mind the commitments and goals I have set out for myself for this coming year. Keeping myself busy and my goals set I can only ask for a successful year that includes great opportunities, fun memories, and moments that will inspire me the rest of my life. I am determined to make new friends, conquer my fears, and live every moment of my life the fullest.

xoxo Brooke


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