Count your blessings

I like to think that I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve met. I have learned valuable and not so valuable lessons from people. I guess you can learn something from every person you meet based on your interpretation, beliefs, and values. I have learned a lot from family, friends, and kids over the years, but sometimes I think the most valuable lessons come from strangers. The stranger who waves after you let them over while driving teaches you common courtesy. When you witness a stranger hold open the door for you or someone else, teaches you respect. When you see children interact with kids they met 5 seconds ago, teaches you kindness. You’re probably wondering why I am writing about this, but you’ll understand after I explain what happened to me this morning.

I recently moved on campus. Fresh start, new adventure, college life. This morning as I was sitting in front of my window putting my make up on I heard a strange noise come from outside. I live on the third floor so I keep my windows open because it gets extremely hot mid day. Anyways as I look out my window wondering where the strange noise was coming from I soon realized. It was the sound of a grocery cart. A homeless man had emerged on the alley way. He immediately walked over to our garbage can and started rummaging through it. Where he came from, I have no idea but I assume he had rummaged through the garbage from all the houses that are behind mine. As I was watching him it made me begin to think about how blessed I am. I grew up with a roof over my head, food on the table, amazing parents, and a terrific education. As I was watching this strange man go through my trash I wondered if he had a story. Did he have a house, was he married, did he have kids, was his life always like this, how did he get here, etc. Often times people do not feel bad for people in those situations and that’s fine. Sometimes people’s bad habits and choices get them in a situation like this one, making it completely their fault. Sometimes people have no choice because they find themselves in a situation where they have nowhere left to turn. Who knows really what happened to him to live a life rummaging through trash cans to survive. It broke my heart as I was sitting in my new apartment, getting ready to go to an amazing job that I love. After a few minutes the man grabbed his grocery cart and continued down the back alley going from trash can to trash can.

For this post I put a picture of my parents because if it were not for their hard work and dedication I would not have lived an amazing life that I’ve lived so far. They dedicated their lives to making me happy and providing me with every great opportunity possible. As I was getting ready this morning and saw the stranger going through my trash it reminded me that not everyone has a opportunity to live a bountiful life. I am a firm believer that you can learn something from every situation you find yourself in and today was an example of why I believe that.  When I saw the stranger going through my trash today to find things he needed to survive, he reminded me to count my blessings every day.

xoxo Brooke


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